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We’ll Let Our Clients Give You the Full Scoop


All we hear are barks, meows and tweets of delight. We always appreciate hearing from our valued customers. Check out what our pet parents have to say about Central Hospital for Animals. 

What Our Pet Parents Say

We have taken several different pets there over 15 years. Nothing but the best, most compassionate service and care; highly recommended. They also have a well staffed and sophisticated surgery suite between Carbondale and Marion.

Steve G.

They saved my rabbit from dying from a brain parasite when other vets were just treating him for an ulcer. He had a 50/50 chance of keeping his vision and they were able to save his eye as well. I've gotten both of my rabbits spayed/neutered here and I trust them with my buns more than anyone else.

Erica L.

Just love this office. Everyone is always nice, they took care of our old furbaby until she passed and now they are helping us with our new rescue puppy and a rescue kitten. Thank you for caring.

Dawn L.

Absolutely great vet. They clearly care about animals and do a great job.

Eric Y.

My husband and I are in the animal rescue world and have 5 dogs. We have been going to Dr. Kayne for 10+ years when it comes to our furbabies. Dr. Kayne has gone above and beyond, and you know she cares when she gets down on the floor with your pet, and takes her time, very thorough. We have thrown at her a couple of tough dog cases as rescue dogs can need a little work, and she always called and kept us informed and what the best plan should be. She has saved so many of ours dogs, and we will see no one but her, even though the other vets are fine. The staff really care about the animals and call our dogs by name when we come in, they just care, plain and simple. Keep up the great work. Thank you DR. KAYNE AND STAFF

Tomi W.

So far I have really enjoyed them! It’s way better than my previous vet. I also added a picture of my tiny patient because she is adorable.

Ashton S.

Central Hospital for Animals has always been amazing with both my girls Luci Lou and Red Dog!! Not to mention they've been wonderful to all of my fosters I've brought in as well!! You guys are wonderful , patient and kind - thank you to all the staff there!

Lexi M.

100/10, fantastic place. Clean, knowledgeable, friendly, patient, affordable, flexible. They have always been extremely kind and have always gone above and beyond in their level of service and care. They also see small animals, such as rabbits, which not every veterinarian office offers. Highly recommend!

Tom T.

My dog Roxie always gets great care while at Central!Have been with them for about 2 years and have always had hood experiences, they are so understanding and helpful.They get so excited to see Roxie and she absolutely loves it there, doctor is very nice and not hesitant whatsoever to answer my 137 questions every visit

Dalton H.

The staff are super professional and really good with animals. They took care of my baby girl without her getting too stressed or anxious.

Alyx G.

Love this place - they love our fur babies!

Bev C.

Very good with animals - friendly and knowledgeable staff!!

Nick S.

Friendly and knowledgeable vet for small dogs.

Jan R.

Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Clean facility. Always prepared.

Shawn B.

I love the way they take care of my babies!

Patti P.

Always a kind and caring place. They have always taken great care of our furry girl!

George M.

The ultimate vet. My dog loves her.

William F.

They have always been nice and quick to get my fur babies in. I can't thank them enough.

Matt W.

Excellent place to take your loved furry friend.

Jay W.

They cared for our fur baby with professionalism and compassion. Their availability after care was a blessing. I have never been contacted after a vet visit before and they made me feel comfortable asking any questions that came up. I'm very grateful to know they are there when they are needed.

Melissa K.

The staff are amazing and I trust them with my pups completely. You know it's a great vet office when the dogs get excited when we pull up.

Shannon P.

I trust them to take care of my babies. Any, any time I've had an urgent issue, they get me in the Marion or Herrin office the same day.

Chip L.

The staff is friendly and helpful. The doctors are great. Great care for our sweet dog.

Jeanine L.

Never have had a bad experience with them and if they can't help you for any reason, they find someone who can for you.

Samantha L.

Was a great experience for Titus his first wellness visit. From receptionist, vet assistant to the veterinarian all were outstanding. I felt comfortable and grateful for having a team of wonderful and caring people.good job .

Rick M.

Nice caring staff and great customer service.

Matt H.

It's a good place. Good Vet's good people and crew. I take my dog there and my dog doesn't mind to go. They love my dog and they are really good to him.

Mike V.

All of the staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Kiley did a great job with the spay of our puppy.

Michael S.

Everyone is very friendly and efficient. Got in and out fast and got the kitty better and vaccinated. 😁

Nickie M.

This is the only veterinarian clinic locally that I trust with my rabbit. Their prices are relatively cheap, and they're actually knowledgeable about exotics.

Brittney B.

They were more affordable than we thought and were great with our pup! We appreciate how well she did there because she's usually really tough to manage in general when it comes to strangers. Thank you for being so great with our dog-ter!

Mike D.

My cat, Sammie Leroy, and I love Central Hospital for Animals in Herrin, IL. We have always had positive interactions with the caring veterinarians, and their wonderful staff! We both LOVE Dr. Collin Rhine! He is the BEST VET, EVER!

Darla L.

We have been patients since 2007. They've saved the life of one of my dogs on multiple occasions. Dental cleanings. Dental extractions. Emergencies. Shots.

They've always been great to work with. Patient. Kind. And understanding. From plucking hairs from our Maltipoo's ear to saving my chihuahua after he was hit by a car.. They've been fair and did what was best for our animals.

Tina G.

They always take such good care of our furbabies, there's nowhere else I'd recommend higher.

Shawn C.

My elderly chihuahua was seen by Dr. Porte. She’s great and thorough.

Sarah S.

They was very good with us and our dog. They helped us through a difficult time and very caring staff.

Barb C.

All staff are so friendly, we have never been treated so good, they are very caring. My little peanut was treated for a broken leg, she has a lot of recovery to go but she's doing so good thanks to Central hospital, all my dogs will go nowhere but there. I CANT THANK THEM ENOUGH!

Michael S.

We have been clients for decades. The best place for your pets. The staff clearly care!

Deborah W.

Central Vet in Herrin has always treated my animals very well. They are compassionate and take the time to listen and find the best options. Grooming in Herrin is excellent.

Jill J.

They saved my dog's life! The doctor went the extra mile contacting a school about my dog. He had excellent care,outstanding care. The office is clean convenient lay out for social distancing. The staff is knowledgeable and kind to the fur babies and mom.

Bianca D.

Was a great experience for Titus his first wellness visit. From receptionist, vet assistant to the veterinarian all were outstanding. I felt comfortable and grateful for having a team of wonderful and caring people.good job .

Rick M.

Best vets!

Marti M.

If you love your furbaby like I love mine you will find it in your heart to make sure that they get the TLC that is offered here. They are superb when it comes to care.

Monica H.

I had a bad day because of a sick kitty but the girl that helped me was so nice she made me feel better I will go there at Central hospital for animals again

Sherry M.

I recently had to put my Macy down, she was old and blind and had arthritis. I called the vet and they took us to a room and she laid down and put her head on my lap and she passed very peaceful. Central Hospital for Animals, was incredible, not just that day, but every time Macy had an appointment. They have a great staff, great Vets, you cant go wrong taking your pets there.

Susan P.

The staff are amazing and I trust them with my pups completely. You know it's a great vet office when the dogs get excited when we pull up lol.

Shannon P.

We met a new vet on an emergency basis yesterday. Dr. Kiley Mettendorf. Under other circumstances it would have been an excellent experience. She was compassionate and knowledgeable. Our 13 yo Patches is heading for the Rainbow Bridge. She's our Grey and Blonde longhair we get lion haircuts on in the summer. This is a sad 😥 time. Cari said probably tomorrow. She has 2 growths deep in her throat not recommended for removal at this stage. An appetite stimulate doesn't help. She's starving and we stopped force feeding her today. She fights it and doesn't keep it down. The Predisone doesn't help. She's isolating and struggling to breath. Central Animal Hospital will help us with their compassion.

Linda T.