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About Us

Central Hospital For Animals was opened on November 18, 1975 by Doctors Blakely, Spears, and Rhine.  Over the years, many talented doctors have worked and trained here.  

Gordon and Sue Ella Rhine became the sole owners of CHFA in August of 1994.  Dr. Richard Jefferson has been a valued member on staff since June, 1989; Dr.  Kim Talley became an associate in June of 1996.  Dr. Laura Portee also became an associate in December of 1996, Dr. Richard Harper became an associate in December of 1998, Dr. Ellen McNitt became an associate in March 2006, Dr. Libby Ownby became an associate in December of 2012, Dr. Collin Rhine became an associate in 2013, and Dr. Saundra Kayne joined the CHFA team as an associate in August of 2015.


Our Standards

As an associate member of the American Animal Hospital Association, Central Hospital For Animals adheres to high standards of quality medical care.  AAHA has contributed greatly to the care of patients and encourages continuing improvement through meetings and seminars with that goal in mind and we are proud to be a member of their organization.